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Shamrock Shape Up
February 1- March 17


What are your goals for 2023? Whatever it is, let's tackle it together.  Sign up for the Shamrock Shape Up and log 1,000 minutes of any activity in 45 days!  Start making progress on something you want to improve all year long. We'll be right there with you.  All participants receive a commemorative shirt just for signing up.  

The challenge is simple and doesn’t require any subscriptions, calorie counting, or weight loss: can you stay active for a total of 1,000 minutes in 45 days? You can walk, bike, run, hike, join an online workout, hit the gym, and so much more- just get moving!  All GPS and manual (including indoor) activities will count towards this challenge. There is no minimum time per activity.  All moderate to intense physical activity counts towards your total- and every minute counts!

The challenge begins on February 1 and concludes 45 days later on March 17 (on St. Patrick’s Day, of course!).  Before the Challenge starts, you’ll receive a link to join our club in STRAVA.  This is an app that will allow you to track your progress, connect with the rest of our group, post photos, and more.  At the end of the campaign, we will total up all of your combined minutes to see if you reached the goal, plus we will see how far we went as a group!  

  • $17 registration fee
  • All ages can get involved!  Families can participate together or friends can challenge each other.  The benefit of the virtual experience is that we can all come together for the challenge no matter where you are.
  • Participants will get a commemorative shirt just for registering!
  • At the end of the challenge, medals will be distributed to those that successfully complete the 1,000 minutes of activity.
  • Want to register in-person?  Visit us at 15 E. Thurman Ave., Suite A.
  • Download flyer
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Recording Activity

Don't have a STRAVA account?
 It's a social platform to track physical exercise.  Follow these steps to join our Club.

  • Join our STRAVA club:  Following the link will open your app store or internet browser.
  • Download the app and create an account (or just go straight to creating an account if you are using a web browser).  You can use an Apple, Google, Facebook or Email accounts to register.
  • Create your profile.
  • Choose 'Skip' or 'Later' to questions like paying for a subscription, recording an activity, telling your friends, etc.
  • Next, JOIN the 'Shamrock Shape Up'!  Whew, I know that probably felt like a lot, but if you successfully get through the account setup, you have completed your first big challenge.  
Already have a STRAVA account?  Follow these steps to join our Club (we are guessing you are such an expert that you don't need our help with this part).

I joined the Club, what next?

The goal of this challenge is to record 1,000 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity in 45 days.  That's about 30 minutes a day- five days a week.  The level of physical activity is totally up to each person's ability.  It could be taking a walk, lifting weights, yoga, playing pickleball... anything that gets you moving.  Each Monday, we will add your activity totals for the previous week to our website.  If we missed something, don't hesitate to let us know and we will get it corrected.

Each athlete is on the honor system when logging activity. This is an individual competition and you can only cheat yourself!  Both GPS and manual activities will contribute to your challenge total. Progress will be determined by each activity's moving time.  All activity that is recorded February 1- March 17 is eligible for the overall goal of 1,000 minutes total.

Recording your activity
  • To record your moving activity, select “Record” (bottom center). From there, you can start and stop your activity and see your stats as you go.
  • Once you’ve completed your activity, click “Finish.” This will take you to a screen where you can name your activity and even add photos or a description that you’d like to share!
  • When you are happy with your activity, select “Save” (top right).
  • You can also change who can see your activity (everyone, just followers, or only you).  It’s important that when you record your activity that it is visible to everyone.  If you want to remain private, let us know and we can request to follow you as a 'friend' so only we can see your activity.
Recording your activity- manually
Don't want to carry your tracking device while you are doing that new dance workout?  Don't have a smart device?  No problem- you can also enter a manual time using the STRAVA app or website.  Tap the 'plus' button on the top menu bar and input your manual activity.  If you can’t figure out how to log your activity in STRAVA or don’t want to use the app- no problem.  Let us know so we can work out an alternative so we still count your minutes.

Connect your devices
You can also sync several fitness devices to STRAVA to track activity.  Need help syncing your smart device to the STRAVA app?  Get started here.

5 Reasons to Sign Up

Besides the awesome swag you can receive, there are many reasons to sign up for our group challenge.

  1. It gives purpose to working out:  If you have a purpose, you have a much better chance at sticking with something long enough to see results. You have a specific date range or specific goal that you’re committed to and are able to keep that in your mind when you want to skip workouts.
  2. It's better together:  Solo fitness can get a little boring and it can be hard to connect with other enthusiasts during the uncertainties of the pandemic.  Having a team where everyone is on the same journey is exciting and fun. You get accountability and support and you get to give accountability and support. Both build momentum and keep you excited about your fitness.
  3. More manageable:  Instead of thinking about the lifelong journey of exercise, challenges have you micro-manage your fitness into an easy goal.
  4. You have a plan:  No subscriptions or counting calories with this challenge and the goal is simple!  Easy to follow challenges are typically more successful with people following through.
  5. Get results:  If you have been working out, but not seeing any changes or getting bored, it is time to add something new.  Adding extra movement, exercise, or a new CHALLENGE could just be what it takes to drive bigger and better results.


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