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zh_001Zalud House
The Zalud House is a nostalgic glimpse into the past.  Built in 1891, it is one of the few houses of that era that has not undergone remodeling.  The house stands as it was built.

From the time the house was constructed, only the Zalud family lived in the home.  It is furnished entirely with the original owner’s possessions, and is surrounded by a 1930’s style rose garden that is perfect for a delightful outdoor wedding.   The Zalud House is listed in the National Registry of Old Houses and in the National Register of Historic Places.  Tours and garden reservations are available.  The Zalud House is located at 393 North Hockett.  For more information, call (559)791-7695 or (559)782-7548.

Porterville-MuseumPorterville Historical Museum

The Porterville Historical Museum was founded in 1965 and is housed in the old Southern Pacific Depot, constructed in 1913.  Prior to the arrival of early explorers, the San Joaquin Valley was occupied by the Yokuts Indians.  The museum contains examples of their handiwork.

tuleriverTule River Indian Reservation

A reservation was originally established in 1857 at what now stands Alta Vista School, 2293 East Crabtree Ave.  Indians from a widespread area were brought here.  The natives of this vicinity were the Koyeti tribe toward the west and the Yaudanchi tribe towards the east.  Both were branches of the Yokuts Indians that occupied the San Joaquin Valley. 

Settlers in the fast growing town of Porterville began to make demands to move the reservation to a more distant location. 
The Tule River Indian Reservation was moved to its present location, ten miles south-east in 1873. 

giantseqtreesSequoia National Forest

The Sequoia National Forest is adjacent to the Sequoia National Park, and is home to 2,500 miles of road and 850 miles of trails.  The forest also hosts a number of camping and recreational facilities. 

The Sequoia National Forest Headquarters are located in Porterville.  For more information, call their office at (559) 784-1500.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

The Sequoia National Park was established in 1890 as the second National Park, and it spans 404,051 acres.  The park is most famous for its Giant Sequoia Trees, including the General Sherman Tree, the largest tree on earth.  The Sequoia National Park is also home to the highest point in the contiguous United States, Mt. Whitney, at 14,505 feet above sea level.  The Sequoia National Park is south of and borders the Kings Canyon National Park and are administered by the National Park Service as one unit, known as the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.  Today, the two parks together protect 265 Native American archaeological sites and 69 historic sites. 

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