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Claim Form

Claims against the City of Porterville must be mailed or hand delivered to the City Clerk’s office.  Where space is insufficient, use additional paper and identify information by paragraph number.  Please make certain that the claim is against the City of Porterville and not another public entity.   Note:  Once filed this document is a public record and may be disclosed/released pursuant to the Public Records Act. 

Distribution of Advertising Materials

The City of Porterville requires that an Application to Distribute Advertising Materials be filed with the Office of City Clerk prior to the distribution of advertising matter, samples, dodgers, handbills, or other notices of commercial advertising in the city.  The completed form can be mailed, e-mailed, faxed or hand delivered to the City Clerk’s office.

Proclamation Request

The City of Porterville honors many local and national organizations, events, and individuals for outstanding humanitarian efforts by presenting them with an official proclamation from the City Council. The completed request form can be mailed, e-mailed, faxed or hand delivered to the City Clerk’s office. 

All requests require a sponsorship by a member of the Council prior to being placed on a City Council Agenda for consideration, and are subject to approval by a majority of the Council. For this reason, it is requested that requests are submitted one month in advance.

Public Records Request

All records maintained by the City of Porterville are available for public inspection unless specifically exempted by law. You are entitled to access public records, under reasonable conditions, and to copies of those records upon paying the costs of making the copy. We may require information necessary to establish if disclosure would violate certain provisions of law.
The more precisely you can identify the record you seek, the more responsive we can be. The City of Porterville provides access to existing public records in its possession; however, the City is not required to collect information or organize data to create a record not existing at the time of the request. Public records requests may be mailed, faxed, e-mailed or hand delivered to the City Clerk’s Office. 

Request for Appointment

Applications for City Boards, Committees and Commissions are taken on an on-going basis and vacancies are filled as they become available.  Applications may be mailed, e-mailed, faxed or hand delivered to the City Clerk’s office.

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