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Effective June 1, 2024
Drought Response Phase III Flyer
Drought Response Phase III Flyer - Spanish


Water conservation and awareness have always been areas of concern for the Porterville community.  Less than normal rainfall and runoff make efforts to promote water conservation a high priority.  In addition to the benefits of conserving water as a limited natural resource, additional benefits accrue to the community in the form of a reduced impact on the Wastewater Treatment Plant and a reduction in energy costs when water supplies are conserved. 

It is vitally important that the Water Conservation Plan be a joint partnership between the City and the General Public in order to achieve optimal effect.  The Plan has been developed in four phases with each phase defined in terms of the available water supply:

  • Phase I :  Applies during periods when a normal water supply is available.
  • Phase II:  Applies during periods when there is a water supply shortage.
  • Phase III: Applies during periods when there is a significant water supply shortage.
  • Phase IV: Applies during periods when there is a more significant water supply shortage.
  • Phase V: Applies during periods when there is a critical water supply shortage.

Actions within each phase have been defined as either actions to be undertaken by the City or by the General Public.  Due to the number of variables that affect the water conditions in existence at any one point in time, a City staff analysis of those variables will be utilized in determining the transition of the City from one phase to a more (or less) stringent phase.  At such time as staff determines that water supply conditions warrant a phase change, staff will present the request to the City Council for their approval. 

This plan differs from other valley community plans because the City of Porterville is in a more favorable position of having almost all of its water customers metered, which allows the City to basically control the water conservation program.
Should you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the Field Services Division at 782-7514.


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