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Like to Bike?

To make cycling even more convenient, the Porterville Transit System welcomes all bicycles on our buses throughout the year.

Boarding Buses

  1. Remove all baggage from your bicycle before loading your bicycle on the rack.  All baggage must accompany you on the bus.
  2. Alert the bus operator that you will be loading your bicycle.  If another bicycle is in position, the rack will already be lowered.  If the bicycle rack is full, please wait for the next bus.
  3. Lift your bicycle so it sits in the empty wheel well.  If yours is the first to be loaded, load it in the position nearest the bus, with the front wheel facing the curb.  If yours is the second to be loaded, load with the rear wheel facing the curb in the front position.
    • Pull the spring-loaded support arm out and upwards.  Fasten it over the front tire at the highest point of the wheel to hold the bicycle in place.  Locks may not be used to secure bicycles to racks.  If you are concerned about the safety of your bicycle, lock your bicycle’s front wheel to the bicycle frame before the bus arrives.
  4. Board the bus.  Pay your fare.  It is recommended that you sit or stand near the front of the bus and watch your bicycle while you ride the bus.
  5. When you come to your stop, exit the bus at the front.  Tell the operator that you’ll be removing your bicycle.  Unload your bicycle.
  6. If no other bicycles remain, stow the rack against the bus in the upright position.

Things You Should Know

  1. To ensure safety to all customers, Porterville Police and Porterville Transit personnel may restrict bicycles from being brought on to buses.
  2. There are bicycle lockers available at the Porterville Transit Center.
  3. Cyclists assume all responsibility for any damage and/or injury that occurs as a result of their bicycle being on Porterville Transit property.  This includes injury to the cyclist or other customers.  A sudden stop by the transit vehicle does not remove responsibility from the bicycle owner for damages or injuries to other customers or themselves.
  4. Folding bicycles are allowed on Porterville Transit vehicles at all times.
  5. Motor-powered bicycles of any kind are not permitted on Porterville Transit vehicles.

Lost and Found

Note: Porterville Transit is not responsible for bicycles lost, stolen, or damaged on Porterville Transit vehicles or property.

If you forget your bicycle and leave it on the bus:

  • Call Porterville Transit at 559.791.7800
  • Tell the agent the bus route on which you left the bicycle.
  • Ask for the address of the Transit Center.
  • Go to the Transit Center and pick up your bicycle.

Bicycles left for more than two weeks will be removed by Porterville Transit.

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