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It is the purpose of this policy to establish regulations under which the City of Porterville will permit the use of streetlight poles to display Military Banners. The display of the Military Banners will contribute to the community’s quality of life, which lend a special character to the city. The Military Banner Program is to be used for the benefit of recognizing those who are currently serving or who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

To qualify:

  • The Honoree must be a current or past member of the United States Armed Forces.
  • The Honoree must be a current or past resident within the Porterville area as defined by the boundaries of the Porterville Unified School District. 1
  • The honoree’s discharge from military service must be honorable.
  • The City will begin taking applications on December 1, 2022. Completed applications, photos and payment must be received no later than 5:30 p.m. on February 1, 2023 to allow adequate time for banner production.
  • The banner application may be obtained by the following methods:  (1) Online: City of Porterville website-; (2) In- person: Parks and Leisure Services office, 15 E. Thurman Ave., Suite A.
  • Banners will be installed annually just prior to Memorial Day.
  • Should any of your contact information change, the Applicant is responsible for notifying Parks and Leisure Services. Failure to do so may result in a banner being replaced by another.


  • Banners cost $245, which includes design, printing, and installation hardware. Checks are payable to: City of Porterville. Pricing subject to change.
  • The City will sponsor and waive the banner fee for any nomination that is submitted on behalf of local military personnel that were killed in action (KIA).
  • The City of Porterville is responsible for having the banner produced and installed and the Applicant is responsible for the cost of the banner.


  • The Military Banner Program Standing Committee, made up of at least one City Council member, member of the VFW, a Parks and Leisure Services Commissioner, and a City staff member, will assist in the administration of the City of Porterville Military Banner Program by providing recommendations including, but not limited to: banner condition assessments/referrals, photo approvals, application guidelines and processing, fee structure, program policy and designated banner-hanging zones.
  • There are a limited number of poles in Porterville. As such, the City of Porterville is offering this program on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The City of Porterville shall make the final determination of the banner location.
  • Location requests may be made to be near particular banners (i.e. family/friends) installed in the same application period, but specific pole location requests will not be accepted.
  • Once a banner is on a pole it will not be moved unless determined by the City of Porterville.
  • Once banners are installed by the City, they will be displayed until the banner starts to show deterioration, or the applicant requests to have it taken down.
  • When the banner loses its integrity, City staff will contact the applicant by phone, email, and/or by certified mail if necessary, to arrange for pick up from the Parks and Leisure Services Office in Centennial Plaza within a reasonable time of the banner being taken down.
  • If an applicant would like to honor their service member again in the same pole location, he/she may purchase another banner at the current banner cost of the program during the application period of December 1- February 1.
  • Any banners unclaimed will become the property of the City of Porterville.
  • The City of Porterville reserves the right not to install a banner if the requirements of this banner program are not met.
  • By submitting an application, the applicant agrees that he or she has permission to use the service member’s likeness and name in the banner.


  • The banner will feature a full-color, double-sided design with service member’s name, military branch, years of service, and photo.
  • Photograph requirements: Applicant must provide a military photograph (digital file or physical) of service member, preferably dressed in military uniform or from time in military service.
  • Photos should be a copy of the original. The City of Porterville is not responsible for lost or damaged photos.
  • Banner information, including military branch and spelling of service member’s name will be taken directly from the application. The City of Porterville is not responsible for misidentified military branches or misspellings that were submitted with the application.

  1. Porterville Unified School District Boundaries
military banner map


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