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The City of Porterville is pleased to announce ZeroNox as an Outstanding Business Honoree in November 2022. 

ZeroNox is a clean technology company headquartered in Porterville, with a vision to empower communities through innovation. Since 2017, the company has specialized in the development, manufacturing, and sale of electric powertrain technology and its integration into electric vehicles, including innovations to vehicles used in the agriculture sector. ZeroNox also focuses on renewable microgrids and strategic partnerships across the globe. 

Winter 2022 Porterville Outsanding Business ZeroNox (4)
Mayor Martha A. Flores visited ZeroNox to congratulate ZeroNox CEO Vonn Christenson and President Robert Cruess. 

City Council Meeting ZeroNox (2)Mayor Martha A. Flores hands ZeroNox CEO the Oustanding Business Honoree award at the City of Porterville's City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 16, 2022.

ZeroNox’s President, Robert Cruess, and CEO, Vonn Christenson, grew up in Porterville and the company employs nearly 40 individuals, most of whom are local. Aiming to make Porterville the “Silicon Valley of Green Energy,” ZeroNox is ideally situated to lead in the industry with oil fields to the south, wind energy in Tehachapi and some of the largest solar projects in the country nearby. With the State of California placing a premium on electrifying all vehicles by 2035, ZeroNox believes now is the time to focus on electrification. “We believe that innovative EVs are the future,” says Cruess.  

Globally, ZeroNox is providing innovative technology beyond the United States with a recent partnership in Ghana with the Jospong Group of companies, which has more than 60 subsidiaries. ZeroNox will be working with a waste management company there, Zoomlion, to convert a thousand sanitation trucks into electric vehicles, which is the largest retrofit electrification project in the world.  

In 2022, ZeroNox raised $8 million in funding and is on pace to meet $10 million in sales this year. ZeroNox values salt of the earth qualities, grittiness and intentional disruption. “Porterville is a wonderful community which fosters these values in its citizenry,” says Christenson. ZeroNox supports local education efforts at Porterville College and through staff participation in the Porterville Unified School District’s Pathways program and the Burton School District's Academies program.

The ZeroNox electric vehicle lineup includes the Ion EC4 UTV, Ion Caesar Luxury Shuttle, and the Tuatara Expedition Vehicle. ZeroNox is one of a few companies to offer forklifts powered by lithium-ion batteries. Their vehicles can be seen in local businesses and farming operations, and they are making their mark in large companies such as Universal Studios and Bayer. 

A member of the Porterville Chamber, ZeroNox is always looking to empower local talent. The company is actively welcoming applicants who share their core values to help improve our Porterville community through innovation.

Learn more at www.ZeroNox.comCongratulations, ZeroNox!

City Council Meeting ZeroNox (1)
The ZeroNox team poses for a photo with Mayor Martha A. Flores

Questions about the City of Porterville's Outstanding Business Program? Please email to learn more. 

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