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California Environmental Quality Act

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires state  and local public agencies to consider potential  environmental effects of a project before making a discretionary approval. The review process under CEQA includes the analysis and public disclosure of environmental impacts of a proposed project and adopt measures to mitigate any impacts. 

Types of Environmental Documents:

  • Initial Study (IS): A preliminary analysis of a project's potential environmental impacts and significance. The findings of the study decides whether a negative declaration or an EIR shall be prepared.
  • Negative Declaration/Mitigated Negative Declaration (ND/MND): Document detailing the findings related to the environmental conditions of the project. Describes reasons a project will not have a significant effect and proposes measures, if any, to mitigate or avoid potential significant effects. 
  • Environmental Impact Report (EIR): Detailed review of a proposed project, including its adverse affect on the environment, measures to avoid or reduce impacts, and alternatives to the project. 
Public Comments

To submit written comments during the public review or comment period of a project listed below, please submit comments to the Planning Department

Projects Pending Environmental Review

Projects with environmental documents pending approval are listed below.

Lombardi Development Project - Brookside Subdivision
Notice of Preparation 
Initial Study
Draft Environmental Impact Report
Lombardi Appendices A-C
Notice of Availability 

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