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City of Porterville

Assistance for existing and prospective businesses looking to expand or locate in Porterville.

Block Grant (CDBG)

Provides funds for
projects that benefit
low income people
and/or aid in the
elimination or
prevention of slum
and blight.

Foreign Trade
Zone (FTZ)

Offers incentives for
businesses that
utilize materials from outside of the United States in their manufacturing or production process.

Recycling Market
Development Zone

Offers incentives for
businesses that use
post consumer
materials in their manufacturing

For more information
on these programs,
call (559) 782-7460.

SBA Assessment Tool

Are you looking to
start a new business?
The U.S. Small Business Administration has an assessment tool that
can help prospective entrepreneurs
determine their
readiness for starting
a small business. The
tool is simple and can
be completed in less
than 5 minutes. For
more information about this tool visit the SBA website atwww.sba.


             Outstanding Business Honoree

                 OACYS TECHNOLOGY


The City of Porterville is pleased to announce OACYS Technology as an Outstanding Business Honoree.

OACYS Technology was founded by Ted and Asih Olson in 1982 and in on October 1, 2016, the company was acquired by Vice President and General Manager Ryan Walker and his wife Joslyn. OACYS Technology began with Founder, Ted Olson, purchasing an Osborne "portable" computer. Ted's passion for computers led them to become Osborne Computer dealers, working part-time out of their home and registered as Olson Computer Services (OCS) for the 1982 Porterville Fair.

In 1995, Ted realized that no one was offering a local dial in number for internet services in the Porterville area. When OCS first announced local internet services witha true local number, people lined up outside of their Porter Road office to sign-up. They had a rack of 20 modems, which were soon overwhelmed.

Within a couple of years, OCS was no longer in the business of computer sales, they had become one of the country's first Internet Service Providers and the new primary business became the internet. Around this time is when they changed the name to OACYS.

As technology advanced and DSL emerged, people were asking for faster service. At the time, Porterville was somewhat isolated, the larger corporate companies did not consider Porterville a large enough market to be worthwhile. During this time OACYS started researching wireless technology and building towers. This allowed them to better serve the local community and expand into the rural areas and foothills, reaching people where neither DSL nor cable providers could or were willing to deliver service. OACYS continues to expand their services and build new towers in and around the Porterville area.

OACYS attributes the success they have had in Porterville to relentless work and perserverance. When asked of their community involvement the reply was easy, "First and foremost, our primary involvement has been to ensure that our community had a quality local go-to resource as we emerged into the age of technology. OACYS also provided the first free, local Wi-Fi hotspots in several public venues, continued to do so.

Finally, last but certainly not least, OACYS has provided a local employment and training opportunities for many young people hoping to find careers in technology. A great example of growing local talent is Ryan Walker, who has been with OCS/OACYS when he had was a senior at Monache High School.

After 18 years of employment with OACYS, Ryan Walker and wife Joslyn recently assumed ownership and control of the company, which marks the official retirement of Ted and Asih and the passing of the reins to the next generations. As the company moves forward with new owners, they plan to continue in their long running heritage of excellent customer service.

Congratulations to OACYS Technology for being recognized as a Porterville Outstanding Business Honoree.


            Outstanding Business Honoree


The City of Porterville is pleased to announce Eagle Mountain Casino as an Outstanding Business Honoree.

Eagle Mountain Casino is celebrating their 20 year anniversary and opened for business on June 1, 1996. The casino started as three manufactured trailers with slot machines, table games and a snack bar. As demand grew, the Tule River Tribe listened to their guests and expanded the casino's offerings. Food outlets expanded, the casino doubled its size and more slot machines and other amenities were added. The facility now encompasses over 20,000 square feet including 1,200 slot machines, 10 table games, a food court, a buffet and a steakhouse. The Forest Buffet and the River Steakhouse remain community favorites.

General Manager, Matthew Mingrone, attributes the success of Eagle Mountain Casino to "providing fantastic hospitility and tremendous guest service at the same time as always offering a "value" to our guests. Our prices are always set for our guests to get more "bang for their buck". We know our guests have many options when it comes to spending their disposable cash, so we try and make our guest's experience our number one priority." Mingrone stated that their team distinguishes them from other businesses. "We truly believe in the people business." He continued to explain that their team provides the most incredible, warm and welcoming guest service around. This is evident by the outstanding growth that the casino has seen since it opened 20 years ago.

The Tule River Tribe, Eagle Mountain Casino and Tule River Economic Development Corporation are all active members in several  chambers of commerce including Porterville, Visalia, Bakersfield, Tulare/Kings County Hispanic Chamber and the Kern County Hispanic Chamber to name a few.

Over the past 15 years Eagle Mountain Casino has held an Annual  Golf Charity Golf Tournament, which benefits local community organizations throughout Tulare and Kern counties. Five local non-profit organizations are selected and the funds raised are evenly distributed to them. The recipients for 2015 were Tule River Scholarship Fund, Golden Empire Gleaners, Porterville Area Coordinating Council, Porterville Adult Day Services and Wounded Heroes of Kern County. Eagle Mountain Casino doesn't only contribute money, they also donate gift baskets, dinners and concert tickets for raffles and silent auctions, and offer special fund raising bus tours to the casino.

Matthew Mingrone stated that tehre are more great things in the works for the casino, restaurant, and entertainment. Eagle Mountain Casino is always looking for ways to enhance the customer experience, and give more value when they visit the casino.

Congratulations to Eagle Mountain Casino for being recognized as a Porterville Outstanding Business Honoree.


City Council Approves Adoption of California Building and Fire Codes

The various building codes in use by most jurisdictions in California are updated periodically to reflect the latest materials and construction techniques available to the construction industry. 

The last published building and fire codes, specifically the California Building and Fire Codes, were updated in 2007.  The State of California has since adopted the 2009 International Codes as the State Codes for Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Energy, and Fire. 

In addition to these Codes, the State of California has mandated the adoption of the newly published 2010 Green Building Standards Code, the 2010 Residential Code, and the 2010 Referenced Standards Code.  These codes become State mandated as of January 1, 2011. 

The 2010 California Green Building Standards Code encourages sustainable construction practices.  Appendices A4 and A5 are currently listed as voluntary measures for both residential and non-residential construction.  The measures contained in Appendices A4 & A5 are not mandatory unless adopted by the City. 

To review Appendix A4 click here.

To review Appendix A5 click here.

City Council has approved the adoption of the 2010 Editions of the California Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire, Green Building Standards, Residential, Administrative, Reference Standards, and Energy Codes.

In addition the City Council adopted the voluntary measures contained in Appendices A4 and A5 as voluntary requirements of the 2010 California Green Building Standards Code. These codes become effective 30 days after the second reading of the adopted ordinance on December 7, 2010.

Direct Install - Lighting Exchange

The City of Porterville and the Valley Innovative Energy Watch (VIEW) have joined with other agencies in Tulare County to form a partnership with Southern California Edison. The partnership is offering a no-cost program to help qualified businesses save money through lower energy costs. The program targets businesses that can save energy by replacing their existing lights with modern, more efficient lights. 

The main qualifying requirement is that the business must use 100 kilowatts or less per month. Each project is limited to a maximum of $10,000 for materials and labor. The program will enable qualified businesses to realize substantial savings over the course of the new lights useful life. 

Download the Direct Install Fact Sheet.

The 2010 California Green Building
Standards Code

By Dave Walls

There’s a new building code coming to your city.  The 2010 California Green Building Standards Code referred to as CALGreen goes into effect in January 2011.  CALGreen is the first-in-the-nation statewide mandatory green building code.  The new mandatory measures set sensible minimum standards that all new structures can realize to significantly minimize the state's overall carbon output.  It is important to underscore that each local jurisdiction retains the administrative authority to exceed the CALGreen standards..................................... Continue Reading »

Local Firm Awarded Construction Management and Inspection Services Contract

At the May 4th City Council meeting, Porterville based Dee Jaspar & Associates, Inc. was awarded the construction management and inspection services contract for the Martin Hill and Rocky Hill water reservoir projects. The purpose of the Martin Hill and Rocky Hill water reservoir projects is to provide additional water pressure and operating capacity for Porterville's hillside and airport sections of the City's water system to allow for development to occur as described in the City's 2030 General Plan.................. Continue Reading »


The City's Business Assistance Program provides funding of $35,000 per every NEW job created by the project that is funded by the City. These funds may be provided to the Business by a low-interest loan. Determination of the loan is made by a project basis, utilizing a variety of criteria to determine the level of assistance that may be provided to the business.

At least 51% of the full-time equivalent permanent jobs created must be made available to moderate-income individuals. A Non-Financial Employment Plan will be made a part of the Assistance packet. New jobs must be listed with the California Employment Development Department and/or Tulare County Workforce Investment Department.

The City's Revolving Loan Fund Program is funded by Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) funds. CDBG funds are federal dollars; therefore, construction projects using CDBG funds are subject to prevailing wage.

Limited funding is available and priority will be given to projects creating employment opportunities and/or benefits to the community. Approval for the use of these funds is subject to the Community Development Financial Review Committee.

Revolving Loan Fund Program Application

Revolving Loan Fund Program Guidelines

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