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Abra Rispoli

My name is Abra Rispoli, I am the photographer and editor of Abrarose Photo.  I started my profession as a photographer over a year ago; initially it was more a mixed semi profession that was brought on by my passion for taking photographs.  Photography has always been an interest as well as a hobby of mine; so making it a profession seemed suitable.  Photo shoots are always exciting because it gives me a chance to experiment with new poses, effects, props and back grounds; I do not feel like I am working, but, rather expressing myself in my own artistic manner.

Editing is as enjoyable as photographing since I have a chance to bring out more of my clients personalities and enhance the beauty of scenery.  Photographing landscapes was where I started; the earth’s natural beauty inspired me to find beauty in people and other aspects of life.  Natural backgrounds are my favorite settings because of my love of landscapes.  Exploring photography in every season and different land forms makes all of my photos as unique and individual as the people or sceneries I capture with the lens of my camera. 

Photography is rewarding to me because of the happiness it brings to my clients.  A photo is truly worth a thousand words and I am blessed that I have the privilege to speak through the pictures I take.  Photos capture memories that last a lifetime, in which you can reminisce for years to come.  Through pictures we watch our children develop, our families explore life, innovation broaden, and the world grow.  Everyday I appreciate how far I have come, and look forward to what tomorrow brings.  I measure my accomplishments through my client’s satisfaction and their support.  My business is marked by my success and achievements I have endured, from the photography contests I have won and by the compliments I continually receive.  My client’s gratitude shows through their implicit networking and continued support.  Everyday I am thankful for my growing business.


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