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Porterville Transit

Rules for Riding

  • Trained service animals accompanying persons with disabilities are always welcome on board.
  • If you take your pet (any non-service animal) on the Bus, it must be fully contained inside an enclosed carrier which you are able to transport by yourself and which you can hold on your lap. Non-service animals must be kept under the control of their handler at all times. Noise or odor may give cause for refusal to transport the animal.
  • Eating and smoking are not allowed on Buses. You may consume beverages if the beverage is contained in a spill-proof or screw-top container or bottle. Please help us keep your public transit system clean for everyone.
  • Use earphones. And respect other riders by setting the volume for your ears only.
  • Don't vandalize. Vandalism is a crime, which will be punished with a fine or jail sentence.
  • Please report vandalism. You will remain anonymous.
  • The priority seats at the front of every Bus and next to most doors are for seniors and disabled riders.
  • You're welcome to carry belongings as long as they are small enough to fit on your lap or at your feet. Don't block aisles or take over the seat beside you.
  • Please take a seat promptly once you've paid your fare. If there are no seats available, please hold the handrails provided for your safety.
  • You can bring the following items onboard: collapsible fishing poles; collapsible bicycles; wheelchairs; strollers; walkers; shopping carts, as long as they fold down and can be handled without assistance.
  • You may NOT bring firearms on any Bus or COLT.
  • Always have your valid fare in hand before you board the Bus.

Safety and Security Tips

The safety and security of our passengers are top priorities at the Porterville Transit System and we are proud of our record of providing a safe and secure environment for passengers.

To make your trip even safer, we would like to emphasize several important safety tips to use while riding public transportation:

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings and always be alert for anyone suspicious nearby or activity that causes concern for your safety.
  • Keep Your Valuables Secure and always hold your backpack, purse or other possessions in you lap or other secure location to prevent easy access by others.
  • Cell Phones and iPods are increasingly popular and thefts of these devices are on the rise nationally and in our region. While using these devices, be discreet and aware of other people who may be interested in your phone or iPod.
  • Call 911. If you are a victim of a crime, or see a crime taking place, call 911. You can also alert the bus operator, call transit dispatch, or notify other PTS employees with your information.

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