City Pool

97 N. Park Drive

inside Murry Park

(559) 782-7543
during summer hours

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Parks and Leisure Office
Facility Reservations and Sport Registrations
15 E. Thurman Ave. Suite A
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Administration Office
291 N Main St
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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City Pool FAQ's

General Pool Questions:

What is not allowed at the pool complex?
-Glass of any kind, (bottles, containers, etc.)
-Alcohol, smoking, tobacco, and/or drugs
-Pets, with the exception of assistance dogs.

What do I have to wear to be allowed in the water?
Only proper swimwear is allowed in the pool. You can wear a t-shirt, however it MUST be white.

Can I bring my own snacks?
Yes. You are welcome to bring your own snacks or take advantage of the snack bar.  However, no food allowed in or around the pool.

Can I use my floaties and other pool toys?
No. No inflatable toys, lifesaving devices or other toys are allowed in the pool.

Can I buy a season pass?
Unfortunately, we do not offer season passes at this time.

Do I have to pay even if I am not planning on getting in the water?
Yes. Admission fees are for entrance into the pool complex, even if you are not getting in the water.

What else do I need to know?
-Water Slide: You MUST be at least 45 inches tall to ride the water slide. Only one rider at a time, and you must go feet first. NO EXCEPTIONS!
-Waiting in Line: To avoid heat stroke and other heat related illnesses, be prepared when waiting in line to enter the pool complex.  Bring a shade or umbrella, wear loose fitting, cotton clothing, and have plenty of water. 
-Maximum Capacity: The pool complex has a maximum capacity.   Once capacity is reached, admission will only be granted after others leave.


Private Party Rental Questions (excludes school parties):

Can I bring inflatables and other pool toys to my private party rental?
Yes. You can bring your own toys to a private party. However, for safety purposes, all pool toys and/or inflatables must be approved for use by the lifeguards and/or pool manager prior to putting them in the water.

Will the snack bar be open for my private party rental?
No. The snack bar will not be open during private rentals. You are, however, welcome to bring your own food, drinks, cakes, etc.

If I bring food, is there somewhere I can refrigerate it?
Yes. The guards shack has limited refrigerator and freezer space.  You can also bring your own ice chests.

Are there tables I could use for my private party?
Yes.  You will have access to all picnic benches in the pool area, including the NEW Pool Pavilion.

Can I arrive early to my private party?
Unfortunately, no.  The time you book is the the time you can enter and must exit the pool complex.  The lifeguards and staff are scheduled to arrive based on the time of the rental.  If you arrive early, they will not be prepared to supervise your event.  If you need extra time for set up and decorating, please be sure to schedule it.


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