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About the Program

The Military Banner Program was started in 2016 for the Porterville area as a way to honor both current and past military personnel for their service to the nation and community.  The banner acts as a public expression of gratitude that pays tribute to the courage, commitment, and heroism displayed by individuals who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Family members and loved ones may nominate a military hero to be honored with a banner that will show the individual’s name and photo.  The banners will be displayed on major streets throughout the City.  They will be raised for Memorial Day and lowered after Veterans Day. 

Interactive Map

Click Here for a map showing banner locations and the banners themselves! Simply place your cursor over the markers for information.


To qualify for the Military Banner Program, the following criteria must be met

  • The honoree is a current or past member of the United States Armed Forces
  • The honoree is a current or past resident within the Porterville area (see boundaries)
  • The honoree's discharge from military service must be honorable


  1. Submit completed nomination form along with a military photo of the service person. The photo must be 5"x 7" or larger.  Digital photographs with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher will also be accepted and are preferred.
  2. The cost of the banner is $95 and shall be the responsibility of the applicant.  The City will sponsor and waive the banner fee for any nomination that is submitted on behalf of local military personnel that were killed in action (KIA).
  3. Nominations will be accepted August 1- March 15. 
  4. Banners will be raised for Memorial Day and lowered after Veterans Day.
  5. Honorees will be included in the Staff Informational Reports section of the City Council agenda prior to the banner being raised.
  6. Once the integrity of the banner has diminished over time, it will be removed and presented to the sponsor and/or honoree.  The sponsorship can be renewed with the fee for a new banner.


Next nomination period is August 1, 2017- March 15, 2018.  Application forms will be available online or at the Parks & Leisure Services office inside City Hall starting August 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I have sponsored an individual, how will I know where the banner will be placed?  There will be a ceremony on the Friday before the Memorial Day holiday.  At that time, the banner locations will be revealed.  A map indicating the location of all the banners will be available at the ceremony and online.

What if I don’t have a military photo?  There is a design option that doesn’t include a photo.  It highlights the service person’s name.  The cost of the banner is still $95.

What happens to the banner once it is taken down at the end of the display period?  The banners will be stored after Veterans Day and continue to go up each display period.  Once the integrity of the banner has diminished over time, it will be presented to the sponsor and/or honoree. The sponsorship can be renewed with the fee for a new banner.

Can I donate to the Military Banner Program?  Yes!  Any contributions to the Military Banner Program will be used solely to help support those that can’t cover the cost of a banner.  Any available funds will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Can I decide the location of the banner?  A preference can be listed on the nomination form and every effort will be made to accommodate the request.  The banners will be arranged on a first come, first served basis so no guarantees can be made.

Can I order more than one banner?  Only one banner per service person will be displayed, but additional banners may be ordered as a keepsake at the cost of $95. or (559) 782-7521

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